1. Character

  • All characters are required to be level 81 (If there will be deleveling to level 80 during the match, level 81 won't be returnet to you. So we recommend you to make deleveling from the level 82 before the match. However, if a character during a battle (after reskill) increases his level, a technical defeat in this battle may be counted - at the request of the opponent);
  • It is allowed to learn all available sub skills from 3 subclasses, except for level 80 transformations;
  • It is allowed to learn all skills up to level 81 inclusive (including those that can be obtained from the twins raid, the quest on Gracia, HB, as well as Fighter's, Magic and Archer Will);
  • It is allowed for all characters to take Noblesse;
  • Maximum enchantment of the 2nd profession' skills is +10;
  • Maximum enchantment of the 3rd profession' skills is +7;
  • It is forbidden to learn and use any skills that appear on levels above 81 (including Protections);
  • It is forbidden to use pets (do not confuse with sammons);
  • It is forbidden to use any transformations, except for own transformations of the character's profession;
  • It is forbidden to use any scrolls of transformations.

2. Equipment

  • Each party is allowed to have 3 Item_grade_S.gifS-Grade sets, with a 60 protection attribute for each item;
  • Each party is allowed to have 4 Item_grade_S.gifS-Grade weapons with SA and 150 attribute. The rest of the weapons in the party must be Item_grade_B.gif B-Grade and below;
  • It is forbidden to use spare items with another attribute (both armor and weapon);
  • Each party is allowed to use Tateossian +3 jewelry sets;
  • All Item_grade_A.gifA-Grade sets are available;
  • It is forbidden to use talismans;
  • It is forbidden to use rare titems (masterwork);
  • It is forbidden to use LS's;
  • It is forbidden to use PvP items;
  • Maximum enchantment of equipment is +3;
  • It is allowed to use Item_grade_S.gifS-Grade и Item_grade_A.gifA-Grade shirts +4;
  • It is allowed to enchant rapiers, duals and 1-piece armor parts up to +4;
  • It is forbidden to use belts;
  • It is forbidden to use TW and Olympiad jewelry.

3. Epic jewelry

  • Each PL will receive 120 image.php?di=KHZL.pngEpic Coin (EC), for which he will be able to buy an epic jewelry from a special store of his choice:
    • Accessory_necklace_of_valakas_i00_0.jpg Necklace of Valakas - 60 EC;
    • Accessory_earring_of_antaras_i00_0.jpg Earring of Antharas - 65 EC;
    • Accessory_necklace_of_frintessa_i00_0.jpg Necklace of Frintezza - 30 EC;
    • Accessory_ring_of_baium_i00_0.jpg Ring of Baium - 30 EC;
    • Accessory_earring_of_zaken_i00_0.jpg Earring of Zaken - 25 EC;
    • Accessory_ring_of_queen_ant_i00_0.jpg Ring of Queen Ant - 15 EC.

4. Supplies

  • Before the match each party will receive 5 Etc_scroll_of_resurrection_i01_0.jpgBlessed Scroll of Resurrection. Party may use them all in one fight, or save for the future (for example, for more important pvp);
  • It is allowed to use Etc_cp_potion_i01_0.jpgGreater CP Potion, Etc_cp_potion_i00_0.jpgCP Potion and Etc_super_hp_potion_i05_0.jpgElixir CP/HP/MP;
  • It is allowed to use Etc_lesser_potion_green_i00_0.jpgGreater Haste, Etc_lesser_potion_purple_i00_0.jpgGreater Swift Attack and Etc_potion_of_acumen3_i00_0.jpgGreater Magic Haste Potion.

5. Buff

  • It is forbidden to use any scrolls and cocktails;
  • It is forbidden to learn clan skills;
  • Before the fight starts, PL may ask a GM to give his party (to each member) two buffs from the following list:
    • Skill1331_0.jpg Blessing of Queen;
    • Skill1331_0.jpg Gift of Queen;
    • Skill1332_0.jpg Gift of Seraphim;
    • Skill1389_0.jpg Greater Shield;
    • Skill1461_0.jpg Chant of Protection;
    • Skill0756_0.jpg Elemental Protection;
    • Skill1501_0.jpg Improved Condition.

  • Buffs will be given by the GM during the command for dance/song. Please do not shout in advance that you were not given a buff.

6. Team Membership

  • Group format: 9x9;
  • It is forbidden to have more than two Kamaels in the party.

7. Fights

  • All tournament fights will be held up to 2 wins (Best of 3 Bo3);
  • Final - up to 3 wins (Best of 5 Bo5);
  • Depending on the number of groups of participants, the system of Double Elimination or the classic playoff fights may be used;
  • All tournament fights will be held at the Event Match system;
  • All battles in the tournament will be held in various pre-selected arenas;
  • Choosing of the arena is carried out immediately before the fight with the help of a random (generates program). This will be shown during the live broadcast of the tournament.

8. How the fight will be conducted

  • Participants of the fight will be given time to prepare and receive a buff. (Command: "BUFF UP");
  • After PL's notify the GM about the readiness ("READY?"), the party is being blocked. This means, it will be impossible to invite/expel. (This is one of the features of the event match system). This is the extreme point when the PL may ask GM to delay the start of the fight. After the PL announces the readiness of the party, the fight will no longer be stopped;
  • After this, there will be a command to give dance/song (Command: "DS UP!");
  • During dance/song receiving, the GM will give the off-party buffs selected by PL's;
  • After that, the 5 sec countdown to the beginning of the fight will be given.

9. Possible problems and solutions.

  • PL has the right to notify the GM about the unforeseen problem BEFORE he confirmed readiness (after the command READY?). After the beginning of the countdown, the group is obligated to finish the match untill the end. After that, depending on the situation, the fight can be replayed by agreement of both sides or by the decision of GM (but not more than 2 times).

10. Disqualifications

  • Using of PvP software is prohibited and will be punished by disqualification from the tournament;
  • There are 2 ways to prove and/or dispute the presence/absence of prohibited software:
    • Provide video evidence (fraps) on behalf of the group against which the prohibited software was used;
    • Provide video evidence (fraps) on behalf of the group that was accused of using prohibited software;
    • If there is no video evidence, the decision will be made by the GM, and it cannot be appealed (because of lack of evidence from the party).

  • If the group is not ready to fight (for example, one participant has lost the Internet), the Leader has no more than 15 minutes to solve the problem (to find a new member or any necessary actions to start the fight):
    • The group can start the fight with a smaller number of participants (optional);
    • If, after 15 minutes, the group is not ready to start a fight, it will be counted as a technical defeat in this fight.

  • Violation of the rules by one member of the group leads to the disqualification of the whole team;
  • For violation of one of the rules, the group may receive a warning or disqualification (depending on the severity of the violation):
    • The group can receive no more than 2 warnings;
    • 2 warnings (second warning) leads to automatic disqualification.

  • GM (at his discretion) may decide on matters not described in the rules (for example, punish for disrespectful behavior):
    • Decisions are made collectively (by a group of administrators) and are not subject to appeal.

11. Tournament

  • The tournament starts on Saturday, October 20 at 20:00 GMT+2:
    • We strongly recommend that all participants prepare their groups for battle in advance.

  • Duration - 2 days;
  • The day before the start of the tournament there will be a "day of training battles", where GM will help with the recovery of CP/HP/MP, the cooldown of skills (upon requests), etc.;
  • If desired, training battles can be held on "tournament days" (if GM has such an opportunity).

12. Additional conditions

  • All teams (in full) who take part in the tournament should be in the voice communications server provided by the administration (presumably Discord) in their channel (the password from the channel will be known only to your group);
  • The streamer/caster, his co-caster and/or GM can enter your channel during the battle:
    • We recommend to disable sound notifications in the program IN ADVANCE so that you will not be distracted from the fight by caster/streamer, who joined the channel;
    • We advise you to “mute” the streamer IN ADVANCE, so that he does not distract you from the fight during the stream;
    • You will get a link to the Discord channel closer to the date of the tournament;
    • Discord Download link;
    • We recommend using the desktop version of the program;
    • We recommend running the program as an administrator;
    • Detailed instructions on how to disable notifications:





Mute Caster:
(right-click on the name of the caster / co-caster)